Cherry Bligh has a true gift and natural talent as a hypnotherapist. The way she interweaves her words to your specific needs is almost poetic. You can feel her warm-heartedness and compassion, and it is very easy to feel comfortable and relaxed with her.
When I first started seeing Cherry, I wanted to work on my overall anxiety. Through hypnotherapy sessions with Cherry, my anxiety has improved as well as my general happiness, self-esteem, and courage to pursue my art career (which I had been putting off for years and am now making great progress)! I highly recommend Cherry for any improvement you’d like to pursue in your life.
— J. F., Los Angeles, CA
I am so blown away at how much I felt during the session and so excited for what’s to come. You hit all the right spots during the session...thank you!
You definitely have a gift.
— C.I., Los Angeles, CA
I very much enjoyed my hypnotherapy sessions with Cherry. I feel like we instantly connected. She helped me feel at ease and relaxed, explained to me that there is no wrong or right way, and to trust my instincts. Cherry helped me to overcome my obstacles and helped me change certain behaviors to gain the outcomes I wanted to see. I enjoyed talking with Cherry and every week seeing my progress.
— K. S., Los Angeles, CA
Cherry is a very understanding and compassionate person. She takes a lot of time to understand you and where you may be stuck. She is genuinely interested in helping you. A very sweet and gentle soul. I feel I spent a lovely and very worthwhile time in her care.
— G. B., Huntington Beach, CA (Yelp)
Cherry is a caring and gifted healer. She took a lot of time before and after my session to understand my reasons for coming and to explain what she experienced in my energy field of working with me. She confirmed some things and gave me insight into issues that needed more clarity.
I highly recommend Cherry as she is right on-target, responsive, articulate and bottom-line amazing. If you reach out to Her you won’t be disappointing if you connect with her with an open mind and heart.
I plan on taking her Reiki healing sessions and look forward to working together in the future. Blessings
— I. R., West Hollywood, CA (Yelp)
I am very pleased with my hypnotherapy sessions with Cherry Bligh.
Trying to become more connected with my spirituality, I decided to give hypnotherapy a try. My teacher in my meditation class
suggested the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. I signed up for a couple of classes and was hooked up with Cherry one of the hypnotherapists.
I couldn’t have been more pleased. Cherry is very relatable, she is soft spoken and has the ability to calm almost immediately.
She has taught me to listen to my inner self. I suffer from adult ADHD, have anxiety and have had trouble sleeping for years.
My sessions have been very beneficial to helping me overcome my shortcomings.
I had to do the work, but she gave me the tools to accomplish what I needed.
I would recommend her to anyone thinking of trying hypnotherapy to help them help them self.
— K. S., Los Angeles, CA
I had never done a hypnosis session before, and Cherry did a great job explaining and answered all my questions. She was very approachable and made me comfortable. The session was on the phone, and I was completely relaxed and in the zone. I got interrupted and had to handle something in the middle. Cherry was a pro, didn’t blink, just took me right back sweetly and carefully. I can see how this could change people’s lives!
— M. D., Rancho Cucamonga, CA (Yelp)
OMG! So amazing, seriously, a fantastic experience, Cherry is so dedicated and passionate, she truly has found her calling. I’ve never felt anything like this before, the closest thing I could describe it to is a very deep meditation, but this takes meditation to a whole new level. I would highly recommend Cherry to assist you in any area in your life that you would like help with. I will definitely be a repeat client.
— T. P., Valley Village, CA (Yelp)